High School Redevelopment

High School Redevelopment, Redbank Plains, QLD

The project involved the redevelopment and expansion of and existing state school facility to accommodated increased student needs.

MSIT - Mt Gravatt TAFE

MSIT Mt Gravatt TAFE, Mt Gravatt, Queensland

MSIT embarked on a series of rolling projects at their two main Campuses over a five year period inclusive of the following:

Rockhampton TAFE, Queensland

Rockhampton TAFE, Rockhampton, QLD

The projects included the creation of new training areas, provision of new buildings and refurbishment and adaptation of the central main building.

Logan TAFE Hospitality

Logan TAFE, Logan, Queensland

The provision of a new hospitality training area including kitchen facilities, restaurant, cafeteria, al fresco dining areas among others.