Cyclone Shelters

Cyclone Shelters, Queensland

An experienced team at the forefront of innovation delivering cutting edge design. 

Architectural Nature and associated professionals consultants Mullins Consulting and WSP Group are able to provide full service for any proposed Cyclone Shelter project.

Our combined experience in the recent delivery of nine Queensland Government Cyclone Shelter projects places at the forefront of innovation for this type of building. We have the expertise to conduct siting & feasibility studies, design and documentation and contract administration for Cyclone Shelter projects. Cyclone Shelter projects are required to be compliant with the relevant code requirements, typically the Design Guidelines for Public Cyclone Shelters Queensland 2006 and subsequent amendments. This reference code was produced for the Queensland Government by Dr Peter Mullins of Mullins Consulting who is considered a leading authority in Australia for Cyclone Shelter buildings.

Architectural nature is registered with the Queensland Government PQC registration system as a Level 3 company.

Case Study

The Queensland Government Cyclone Shelter Program 2011-2012
Following Cyclone Yasi in 2011 The UAE and Queensland Governments agreed to jointly fund a program to deliver ten Cyclone Shelters in Queensland. The total value of the program was $68.75 million with a target completion date of November 2012.
More than seventy proposed sites were analysed by the project team against code compliance factors, population distribution and other risk factor. The selected Cyclone Shelters sites are located on Queensland Government land (predominantly education sites) from Weipa to Yeppoon. Nine of the ten Cyclone Shelters were delivered by Project Services as a generic design modified for local requirements and site conditions.
The Cyclone Shelter design incorporates the requirements for a normal as a Multi-purpose Sports Hall and a Cyclone Shelter with a design population of 800 persons. The buildings are capable of withstand wind speeds up to 306km/h (Category 5 cyclones), are located above Q500 flood level and V10,000 storm tide level. The buildings incorporate independent essential services mainly power, communications and water supply. Extensive wind tunnel testing and thermal modelling was conducted to reduce loads on the structure and improve natural ventilation, the latter of which exceeds the current code requirement by some 50%.
Senior Architect Kelvin Walsh was the Principal Program Architect (Project Services) for the Cyclone Shelter Projects. Dr Peter Mullins was engaged independently as a specialist consultant & WSP Group provided engineering consultancy services for all generic design Cyclone Shelters projects.

Team Members & Capabilities

Kelvin Walsh – Cyclone Shelter Program Architect/ Design Architect
Jorge Mogollon - Principal Consultant: Tully Cyclone Shelter
Dr Peter Mullins – Cyclone Specialist Consultant (Structural/Civil Engineer)
Jason Jacuzzi (WSP Group) – Mechanical & Electrical/Communications Engineers