Coomera Springs Early Years Centre

Coomera Springs EYC, Coomera, QLD

The facility meets the briefing requirements in architectural agreement with the award wining Coomera Springs State School.

The new facility occupies an environmentally sensitive area to the north of the school grounds. Sloping approximately five meters and bounded by parklands and environmental reserve to the north and north-west, Old Coach Road to the east, the new kindergarten facility to the south and a future environmental reserve and education area to the west, the site poses a challenge to balance all these elements in a sensitive way.

The building increases the playground amenity by blocking the impact of the busy road and opening to the northern parklands. A reciprocal relationship is established with new plating on the site and the environmental reserve to the west. The use of recti linear edges and square angle throughout, optimise usable space; provide clarity and avoid sharp corners and left over spaces. It also facilitates construction and reduces waist. The architecture of the school spreads organically through the site with a rhythm of skillion roofs overlapping at different heights. This language is preserved in the Early Years Centre, establishing the hierarchy of the spaces within the building.