Mornington Island Well Being Centre

Well Being Centre, Mornington Island, QLD

The site consists of an urban block of 1220 m² in Mornington Island Township, with an existing building in the south west corner.

The existing building was vacant and it had been used in the past as a neighbourhood centre, child care facility and then become abandoned.

The design responds to the cultural and environmental issues of its remote location. The prevailing winds form the south – south-east have an adverse impact on the site during a considerable portion of the year. The strategy was to relay on the buildings to generate a comfortable space for community use protected from the wind. Furthermore, Lardill Street is one of the busiest streets in town and some users of the service prefer not to be seen accessing the centre. For this reason the main entry to the site is arranged via Djinkiya Street to the east.

The community building overflows into a timber deck in direct connection to the veranda of the administration building and all other elements of the landscape.