Fairfield Rd Office







Project Value: 



The project consisted of the additions and upgrade to existing office space.


The client had recently gained a sensitive contract requiring infrastructure and security updates. The office needed to be reconfigured to create a new boardroom with 30 participant’s capacity. The conditions of accessing this boardroom needed to be somehow secluded but direct in order to protect the privacy of the participants from the general public and the rest of the office occupants.

A physical security update and separation was required internally and externally. The challenge needed it to be approached from the landscaping point of view as well as the physical reconfiguration of the building. It is also important to notice that the finishes need it to be upmarket.

In terms of landscape, the intervention consisted of physical barriers and planting to manage access and privacy. Internally, the new configuration required a new secured reception, a new staff lunch area and kitchenette, a new set of toilets, and archiving facilities.

The project was completed and the building is functioning as the design intended and to the complete satisfaction of the client.